Historical catalogue of serials in foreign languages

Cards are placed alphabetically by the author of the document or the title if there is no author. The paper slips showing the first syllable, word or a set of words are used to group the cards. One group of cards is placed alphabetically, though beginning of their text not always coincide with the words on the paper slip.

When a card of the needed publication is found, it is recommended to write down its call number, if it does not exist, then the author, - the title of publication, and the year of its publication. In order to make a request for the publication, contact the librarian of the nearest reading room, or place your request via e-mail: infostalas-cb@mb.vu.lt

If you know the first letter of the requested document’s author or title (if there is no author), press that letter in the upper field. An alphabetic list of paper slips starting with this letter will open in the left side of the window.